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Sweets under control
Diabetic confectionery called DIANELLA represent one of the most successful product line of our company ALTIS Kolin. Sweets offered under DIANELLA label are prepared and modified in cooperation with prominent doctors specializing in diabetes and diets so that it suits as much as possible the needs of diabetics and all those who want to practice a healthy lifestyle.

Nearly half of European population suffer from overweight or obesity and more than 7% of the population is afflicted with diabetes. By estimation for ex. 6 million of diabetics was found to live in Germany.

Conclusions of expert reviews show that thanks to their ingrediences they have "in comparison with similar products less energy and especially lower blood sugar index. That is why they are more appropriate for diabetics."

  • The certainty of the first-class raw-materials, original technologies and top care that are paid to all products
  • Delicious taste, low fat and sugar content, minimal caloric value
  • Acceptable price
  • Diabetic products with DIANELLA symbol are produced in two ranges: SUGAR FREE a DIÄT
  • Private label production, ingredients, size, weight, shape and taste can be chosen by our customer