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hazelnut spread

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"Itīs what you like."

The hazel-nut DIANELLA cream will definitely surprise you with its delicious and fine taste. The secret consists in demanding technologies and careful control insure that each glass with the hazel-nut DIANELLA cream will taste the same as ordinary hazel-nut cream s manufactured with higher fat and sugar content.

  • careful selection of the first-class raw materials mainly hazelnuts
  • hazelnut spread CREMO is produced without using beet sugar
  • the product contains only a minimal amount of fat
    (only 34.7g in 100g!) and lower energy value

    Nutritional values per 100 g: Cremo
    of which sugar:
    of which fructose:
    of which saturated fatty acids:
    05,4 g
    50,1 g
    37,9 g
    28,1 g
    09,8 g
    12,2 g
    34,7 g
    06,9 g
    02,3 g
    00,08 g