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Chocolate-box Dessert

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"We know your taste."

The crunchy cereal bowls in a dia-chocolate presents the real delicacy in diabeticīs products. Thanks to the combination of delicious milk and bitter dia-chocolate with the crunchy cereal bowls, the DIANELLA nugget taste completely the same as similar delicacies with sugar.

  • the basic of excelent taste is in the original recipe and the first-class ingredients
  • another advantage is a minimal amount of fat (only 3.3 g in one nugget!) and energy value of nugget (is only 49 kcal)
  • adherence of complex technologies as well as the quality of individual nugget is subject to continuous strict control

    Nutritional values per 100g Dessert
    of which fructose:
    of which saturated fatty acids:
    05,4 g
    50,7 g
    33,3 g
    02,3 g
    14,3 g
    36,2 g
    12,63 g
    04,3 g
    00,027 g
    energy value: 2293 kJ / 548 kcal