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About diabetes
Diabetes is considered an epidemic of 21st century. This disease is very common disorder and more than 7% of the population is afflicted with diabetes. According to WHOīs (World Health Organization) estimations more than 171 million people have diabetes in the world and this number will double by 2030.

  • over ¾ of these people have diabetes Type 2, whose beginning and course is possible to influence
  • people aged between 40 and 75 are most at risk of this illness
  • obesity is connected with diabetes of more than 80%
  • diabetes is particularly the menace to young generation, which suffer from obesity
  • this disease is the most often causation of blindness and amputation of legs
  • diabetes also double risk of heart stroke and cerebral apoplexy

Diabetes is possible to prevent by the lifestyle changes such as a healthier diet, weight loss and increased physical activity.

Diabeticīs menu
Diabetic ought to eat a little different than a healthy person. Man, suffering from diabetes, should ingest sacharides, proteins, fats, fibre, water, minerals and vitamins, but everything in an exactly definable quantity and ingredients. The basic of diet is in elimination of beet-sugar, reduction of caloric value and the glycemic index (GI).


  • Itīs useful to take meals regularly in small intake, best 3-6 times daily according to doctorīs recommendation.
  • Instead of sugar itīs better to use alternative sweetener without calories.
  • Regularly itīs necessary to measure sugar level in blood or urine sample.
  • Integral part of healthy lifestyle is Drinking Schedule, thus sufficiency of liquids. Of couse beware of alcohol!
  • To maintain the ideal weight and try to reduce animal fats in our meals is an important issue as well.
  • Whereas fibre is more recommended to eat in our food.
  • Complikations of diabetes can be effectively prevented by periodic medical check.
  • Well-being and physical condition are the best prevence of diabetes Type 2.
  • Energy content of sweets is important to observe at their consumption .
  • Healthier and more suitable food is better to find in the storeīs dia-departments.