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Orion and Dianella have won the test
Dianella Classic chocolate and Orion chocolate have become the winners of the prestigious dia chocolate test, in which the civil association DiaDesatero (DiaDecathlon) and the most commonly read Czech daily MF Dnes from the German media group participated. Apart from this, the test was televised on channel one and in Czech television’s programme Černa Ovce (Black Sheep). The great success is even more gratifying as both winning chocolates are produced in Kolin. The chocolate test was evaluated not only according to the taste and aroma of the chocolate, but also the marking, ingredients, and suitability for diabetics, as the daily MF Dnes published in the Health column. MF Dnes belongs to the German media holding Rheinisch-Bergische Druckerei und Verlagsgesellschaft and 1.2 million readers purchase it daily.

Orion and Dianella Classic chocolates without added sugar, which Altis produces, received the highest valuation in individual categories. Their strengths are taste and aroma, but they primarily stood the test in the aspect of criteria important for diabetics: transparency and comprehensiveness of data provided on the packaging, the use of sweetener or the packaging size and mainly conformance of data on the packaging with legislature. The committee awarded Dianella Classis chocolate as the best marked thanks to its detailed ingredients, well-arranged table and calculation of units. Orion, Diabessa and Frankonia also received high evaluation. At the other end of the list ranked the cocoa confection Clara and Torras, Fondente and Wawel chocolates. A total of 8 chocolates were selected for the test. The test committee was teamed up of doctors – diabetologists, diabetologist nurses, nutritional therapists, food industry technologist, an editor and representatives of type 1 and 2 diabetics of various age categories. The evaluated criteria were selected with consideration to the needs of diabetics. Laboratory tests were performed by the State Veterinary Institute